3 Myths About Cannabis Insurance

cannabis insurance

Although cannabis companies have been struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic, the growth, and expectations to grow remain. Despite the pandemic’s impact on the global economy, cannabis market leaders like Green Thumb Industries, Curaleaf, and Trulieve are expected to surpass $100 million in the second quarter of 2020. Market data shows that spending on legal cannabis […]

Food Labeling Risks: What Food Processors Need to Know

Food labeling

Today, more than ever before, consumers demand transparency. Reading labels has become a habit for everyone, and having accurate food labels is required by law. Many food manufacturers like food labeling transparency because it gives them a chance to differentiate themselves from the competition.  As the public becomes more health-conscious about their food ingredients, it has […]

Apartment Owners: Minimizing Liabilities and Exposures

Apartment owners

This year has been and will continue to be a different kind of year for residential and commercial property owners. Property owners with large schedules of property, like apartments, are facing new obstacles and risks they haven’t seen in recent years. Insurance carriers in markets across the country are pulling out, cutting capacity, adding exclusions […]