Grocery Delivery: Who’s Liable in a Car Accident?


An article in 2018 stated that by 2022, online grocery would be a $100 billion business. With current events like COVID-19, online deliveries are seeing even more of an increase. More Americans are buying online and having their groceries delivered to them. Like it or not, grocery delivery services are a convenient service that customers […]

Grocery Store Injuries — How to Mitigate Risk


Today, grocery stores are still considered one of our most essential businesses.  Even though consumers have more choices than ever before with online shopping, the vast majority still prefer a physical grocery store. According to a 2018 ICSC report, nine out of 10 consumers buy most of their groceries in physical stores and plan to […]

Food Manufacturing Equipment: What Businesses Need to Know

Food Manufacturing Equipment

With today’s global food supply chains, foodborne illnesses can travel faster than ever, causing widespread damage for both consumers and suppliers. Businesses should never overlook their food manufacturing equipment. The consequences of contaminated food can be severe. It can lead to disease, hospitalization, and even death, resulting in litigation and damage to a business’s reputation […]

Slip and Fall Injuries and Lawsuits at Gas Stations and Convenience Stores

Gas stations and convenience stores can become targets for personal injury lawsuits when patrons slip and fall. In fact, any business that owns or is responsible for maintaining property should take steps to protect itself against ‘slip and fall’ or ‘trip and fall’ lawsuits which, in the right circumstances, can lead to large verdicts. Multi-million-dollar […]

Mitigating the Increasing Liabilities of Grocery Delivery

Fueled by a rise in on-demand services and heightened consumer expectations, supermarkets are under increasing pressure to offer grocery delivery services. While there are several business models to choose from, each has risks. Supermarkets and grocers must wade into delivery services carefully to protect their stores from liability claims and lawsuits. On-demand delivery services are […]