Food Allergy Labels: A Risk for Consumers and Manufacturers

A blog image showing a young woman in a grocery store looking at a food label

According to researcher estimates, 32 million Americans have food allergies. Reactions vary drastically, ranging from mild symptoms like hives and lip swelling to more severe, life-threatening effects. With almost 10% of the population experiencing these reactions, the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) enforces strict regulations on food manufacturers. These regulations require companies to list […]

Food Manufacturing Equipment: What Businesses Need to Know

Food Manufacturing Equipment

With today’s global food supply chains, foodborne illnesses can travel faster than ever, causing widespread damage for both consumers and suppliers. Businesses should never overlook their food manufacturing equipment. The consequences of contaminated food can be severe. It can lead to disease, hospitalization, and even death, resulting in litigation and damage to a business’s reputation […]

Manufacturers Must be Prepared for Consequences of Defective Products

Without the proper quality-control mechanisms put in place, manufacturers can end up building defective products.

Despite the hundreds of hours of research and development, and the precision with which they construct their production line, manufacturers can sometimes end up building a defective product. More often than not, companies have internal auditing systems in place to check for these kinds of faulty products to ensure they never reach the market. This […]