Construction Marketing for General Contractors


The economy has slowed down and even come to a stop for many industries, but construction companies are still working hard. Some construction projects are deemed essential, so plans, inspections, and maintenance continue. A big challenge for the construction industry is the lack of worker protections like sick leave and paid time off. When workers […]

How Technology is Shaping Construction Contractors

Technological advancements touch almost every aspect of our lives, and the construction industry is no exception. Just like other businesses, construction firms must continue to innovate to stay ahead of the competition. While some construction companies try to operate using the same ‘tried and true’ methods, the construction industry is sure to change as Millennial, […]

2020 Trends for the Construction Industry

2020 Construction Trends

The construction industry is continuously evolving and so are the construction trends. The people and companies that work in the field must strive to stay ahead of the competition. While the industry has traditionally lagged in adopting new technology, that trend is changing as Baby Boomers retire, paving the way for Millennials and Gen Z […]

Lack of Skilled Labor Stymies Construction Firms

Contractors are increasingly turning to unskilled labor for construction projects due to a shortage of skilled workers.

After the industry was decimated during the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, general contractors are finally enjoying the fruits of a slow but steady recovery in the construction sector. While new buildings are going up left and right all over the country, obstacles that could ultimately lead to major issues for contractors still remain. […]